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About Us

             Welcome to “Just Like Home Kennels”!  We were established in 1989.  In designing our kennels, we strive to keep your pet’s stress level as low as can possibly be in a kennel environment.  We have five buildings, all developed with different pet personalities in mind.  Building #1 is designed for multiple animal families so brother and sister can sleep side by side.  Building # 2 is set up for large dogs, or for sisters and brothers who don't want to share a space.  Building #3 is set up for lap dogs, the smallest dogs so that they don't have to look at huge dogs.  Building #4 is for our feline friends.  Building #5 consist of large, bedroom suites furnished with beds, windows, and of course, lots of room to play.  This building is for dogs who don't know that they are dogs!  All buildings are heated and air conditioned.

Every dog goes outside 3-4 times daily to run, play, and do their business.  We do not have concrete runs because we feel that that is not what your dog is used to at home.  We NEVER mix animals from different families.  Instead, your dogs have the whole yard to themselves!  You may bring whatever you like to make your pet feel more at home and more comfortable, such as toys, food, bedding, or a crate.  However, please remember that you are responsible for ensuring that these items are packed up and go home with you.  Please feel free to make a list of items and a brief description.  Also, when filling out your forms, please tell us anything we should know about your pet such as– scared of thunderstorms, hates cats, ect. 

We recommend you bring your crate if your dog has one.  Also, if you feed a specialty food such as I’ams, Science Diet, ect. You should bring that as well.  It is more stressful to switch their diet.  If you do not bring their food, we provide Pedigree– Small Crunchy Bits.  You may also bring the people food you feed, such as chicken, vegetables, ect.  If you are bringing an elderly dog, or a dog with medical problems, please alert us so we can watch for changes in behavior. 

We also have cat condos for our feline friends.  The building is bright and roomy so that your cat doesn't feel trapped.  Every room has a window with a perch so your cat can enjoy the outdoor scenery.  On nice days, the windows can be opened; they have screens and guards on them.  We also have bird feeders on the windows to give them something to dream about.  We have litter pans and bowls, but you are welcome to bring your own.  We feed dry cat food but we will also feed your dry and wet food you provide instead.

 We now provide pictures of your pets upon request!  Just let us know upon check in and we'll add a FB mark to your info sheet reminding us to take photos once a day. If you forget to let us know, just shoot us a message on Facebook or leave us a voicemail and we'll add it then. Also, feel free to check out our Facebook page to see our kennel or to ask for information, although do be aware you will usually receive a reply slower than calling us. 

We hope you will give us a chance to take care of your furry family members while you're away, and to become your pets home away from home!

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